Wild Cards Author Philip Reed Discusses His Inspirations and Creative Process in Exclusive Interview

stress?Phil: One of my goals in writing the book was to explore the relationship of money and fear. Though I can’t say I’ve overcome my fear of losing at blackjack, I did learn to control it to some extent. Still, when the negative count builds I still make some mistakes that wouldn’t happen in a positive count. I don’t like to be dependent on my mental state when I play. When my wife pressures me to make a decision about something (which for some reason she always wants me to do when we’re driving) I think, “This is how I make mistakes and lose at blackjack.” As to your point about the type of person who can handle card counting, I agree with it completely. The ability to handle stress and remain non-emotional is important in all kinds of competitive games, including poker and golf. And it is no wonder a golf pro introduced me to blackjack. I’ve also thought that people who play solitaire on their iPhone fly the ideal profile of a blackjack player simply because they can tolerate boredom, even as tension builds inside them.

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