Unlocking Success: The Importance of Side Counts, Diversification, and Family Dynamics in AP | BJA106

During this installment, Colin reunites with experienced Advantage Players (APs), Joe748 and SD1, both of whom have amassed impressive earnings throughout their advantage play careers. Together, they take on inquiries from our audience members on a wide range of topics:

1. Evaluating the pros and cons of side counts: A detailed examination of the intricacies involved in this approach.
2. Transitioning from Red to Green to Black chipping: Valuable insights and practical guidance drawn from firsthand experiences.
3. Expanding into other forms of advantage play: Tips on broadening your range of strategies and adapting to new situations.
4. Managing family conflicts stemming from AP: Offering sensible advice on striking a balance between personal relationships and the realm of AP.

This episode delves deeper into these subjects, offering nuanced viewpoints on the multifaceted realm of Advantage Play. Tune in for a comprehensive discussion aimed at enriching your comprehension and performance.