Understanding the Legality of Card Counting in Casinos

Here are five essential things to know about card counting:

1. Card counting is not considered cheating. It is a skill that involves using your brain to gain an advantage in the game, much like a winning chess player. Despite the common misconception, it is entirely legal in the United States. The portrayal of card counting in movies and TV has misled many people into believing it to be illegal. However, these dramatic representations are far from real life experiences. While casinos may ask you to stop playing if they believe you are too good, this does not make card counting illegal.

2. A card counter plays the game exactly how the casino offers it. It is essentially a skill-based strategy rather than using unfair advantages. While the casino may treat the card counter like the bad guy, being a winning card counter simply means that you have mastered the skill and strategy to beat the game.

3. Card counting can be profitable. Professional card counters have taken millions from casinos over the years. This has been documented in movies and books, and many professional card counters attest to making a substantial income from this skill.

4. Card counting is a learnable skill that does not require rocket science or being a brain surgeon to master. Many people have been trained to beat the game, and it is a skill that, with dedication and practice, can be learned by anyone.

5. Card counters use statistics to set up an advantage against the casino, much like the casino has the advantage over its customers. The casino allows customers to play the game against them as long as they know they will have the advantage in the long run. Furthermore, both card counters and casinos are ultimately in the business of making money, with the latter being designed to empty the customers’ bank accounts.

Overall, card counting is not cheating and is a skill that can be learned and utilized to win against the casino.