Uncovering the Art of Card Counting: The Blackjack Apprenticeship

Are You Afraid Of Card Counting?

Card counting is a nerve-wracking game that requires more than just skill to play it successfully. The courage to face your fears is essential in order to beat the casino at its own game. For Ben, who was initially afraid to ask for a comp, the fear of facing the pit boss seemed insurmountable at first. However, as he grew more confident, he was able to ask the pit boss for reservations, table limit raises, and ended up getting a two-hundred-dollar comp to the fine dining room.

If you’re thinking of becoming a successful card counter, you’ll definitely come face to face with your fears. The fear of conflict, getting backed off, and the opinions of friends and family will play a significant role. Overcoming these fears can be a challenge and may require visualizing your fears and training yourself to react in a constructive manner. Even though fears may seem pointless, cognitive therapists teach their clients to talk themselves down from fear, and practice is essential in desensitizing yourself.

A common fear for players is making decisions at the blackjack table under pressure. Overcoming this fear involves training yourself to make decisions at your pace without succumbing to the pressure to act quickly. Pausing the game for a full minute before making a decision can help you overcome this fear and teach you that making the right decision at your own pace is all that matters.

It’s crucial to realize that fear impacts the way you play and bet, so being disciplined is vital. Fear is a part of the game, but how you face it will determine your success in the long run. Overcoming your fears might not be easy, but the alternative—being a gambler relying on instinct and hope—can be even more risky.

In the end, asking yourself tough questions about your fears is necessary. If you believe you can overcome your fears, then card counting might be a good fit for you. Fearlessly facing your fears can transform you into a confident and composed person. Remember, at the end of the day, what matters most is making the right decisions and facing your fears, even in card counting.