The Crying Pit Boss: Split Double Destroy

A Small Casino and the Power of Human Connection

It’s no secret that casinos are big business, built on the money and power of their patrons. But behind the glitz and glamour lies a world of real people, who can be much more flexible, personable, and even fragile.

One gambler discovered this truth in a small casino that offered a good double deck game. Despite the casino’s attempts to change the rules in an effort to limit his play, he always managed to find a way to continue beating the game. Over time, he formed a bond with the female pit boss, with whom he shared conversations about a variety of topics, including the weather, kids, and life in general. They even discussed his advantaged play, albeit indirectly.

When the casino owner finally issued a backoff against the gambler one night, the pit boss, who had become his friend, was visibly upset and began to cry. She believed that the casino had treated him unfairly with the rule changes and the subsequent backoff.

This experience served as a reminder that behind the cold facade of casino employees, there are real people with emotions and vulnerabilities. Connecting with them on a human level not only positively impacted the gambler’s play, but also had the potential to impact the universe at large. This human connection, he realized, was far more valuable than any wins he could scrape together by being rude and callous.

The gambler reflected on his encounters with people at the casino, realizing that his favorite blackjack memories were not directly proportional to his biggest wins, but rather the positive impact that people had on him. He concluded that the measure of his life was not found in his work or his wins, but in the connections he made with others.

In the end, he won’t soon forget the image of the crying pit boss, a powerful reminder of the power of human connection in even the most unlikely of places.