The Art of Traveling as a Card Counter: Tips and Tricks for Smart and Safe Trips

Our aim was to make a profit from the promotion offered only on Monday evenings at a casino three hours away. Every Monday, Sammy and I would set off in the afternoon, reach the casino by six p.m., play until the early hours of the morning, and make it back home just as the sun was beginning to rise. The long night was tiring, but the expected value of $600 per hour each made it worth it.

During the long drives, Sammy and I would discuss various topics like blackjack, poker, and day trading. Sammy was not only a skilled card counter but also a day trader, and he believed that day trading was much more challenging than card counting due to the many uncontrollable variables in the stock market. We would drive with $80,000 in a bag at Sammy’s feet, and I would take the opportunity to ask him countless questions about day trading.

The casino was located in a remote area, and the last half-hour of the drive had no street lights, making it almost pitch black in the winter. On one trip, I was forced to swerve to avoid a large white object in the road, causing the car to roll over. Although we were both okay, my immediate concern was for the money we were carrying.

This incident was not the first time I had encountered obstacles on the road while driving to the casino. Despite damaging my car on previous occasions, I had learnt to make quick decisions and act accordingly. This time, however, the situation was more serious. Luckily, we escaped with minor injuries and the money remained intact.

The experience reminded us of the risks involved in our regular trips to the casino and the importance of being cautious on the road. It was a wake-up call for both Sammy and me, highlighting the potential dangers associated with our high-stakes lifestyle. Despite the close call, we continued our weekly trips, but with a renewed appreciation for the value of safety and the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.