The 21st Century Card Counter: Dive into the First Chapter!

…my mind to keep the count under any type of stress, I took the local bus to the casino in busy traffic. I even practiced counting cards in my sleep, with a deck of cards held at my bedside. I was committed, and I still hadn’t given up hope that I could make some real money from blackjack. I found other card counters for advice and spent at least 40 hours a week playing in casinos. Finally, I took another shot, this time with a new mind-set and a $10,000 bankroll. It worked. With my intelligence, hand-speed, timing, and computer-precise skills, I could beat blackjack. I was finally becoming the best counter. I was amazing.

This chapter begins with Colin’s introduction to gambling as he attends his friend’s wedding in Michigan. He initially had no desire to gamble and lost a few dollars on slot machines. Afterward, he earns a degree in mathematics and encounters card counting when loaned a book. Colin experiences his share of trial and error before dedicating himself to perfect his card counting abilities and eventually succeeding. He learns to count cards and gradually perfects his skills, forming the basis for subsequent chapters detailing his lucrative success and his introduction to different casinos and card games. With the help of his wife Grace, he dedicates himself to making a living and proving himself as a skilled card counter in the years to come.