Taking Control: How self-exclusion can help tackle online gambling addiction

The gambling industry is a booming business, but with its growth comes an increased risk of addiction and gambling problems for some players. To address this issue, self-exclusion laws and procedures have been implemented to protect players who may have crossed the line from enjoying the game to developing a harmful addiction.

In the UK alone, there are over 23 million gamblers, with 6% of them choosing to self-exclude. This option not only provides help to those with gambling problems, but it also demonstrates the gambling industry’s commitment to addressing addiction and promoting the well-being of its players.

Despite the potential loss of revenue from their best clients, gambling companies are incentivized to offer self-exclusion options due to heavy penalty packages imposed by the law. In addition, online casinos are now proactively promoting responsible gambling and transparency through marketing material and heavy fines for non-compliance.

The protection of vulnerable customers is not only enforced through fines, but also through the possibility of losing licensing. However, the process of self-exclusion is still fragmented, requiring individuals to separately ban themselves from each type of gambling, from online gambling to physical casinos.

To address this issue, self-exclusion software like Gamban has been developed to provide more effective means of prevention for problem gambling. This software aims to prevent problem gamblers from bypassing their self-exclusion by creating new accounts on different gambling sites.

While responsibility for self-exclusion still lies with the individual, regulators, private companies, and software developers have a vested interest in providing the necessary tools to address this growing issue. Centralized processes for self-exclusion are also starting to emerge to streamline the process and better protect players with gambling problems.

The implementation of self-exclusion laws and procedures is a step in the right direction for the gambling industry to address addiction and protect its players. With the continued development of self-exclusion software and centralized processes, there is hope for a more comprehensive and effective approach to tackling gambling addiction.