Online Gambling: The Rise of Card Counting

The I get asked this question is that online live dealer blackjack is useless based on the provided conditions. The rules offered by most online casinos are not great for a card counter, but not terrible. It is an average set of rules at best, but nothing better. Deck penetration is extremely poor, with a dealer shuffling middle of the shoe. This makes card counting essentially ineffective, as deck penetration is important for effective card counting. The biggest problem with online live dealer blackjack games is that they are incredibly slow, offering less than 50 rounds per hour which is nothing compared to the 100-300 rounds per hour a professional card counter can play. A computer simulation was conducted based on the best online casino live dealer blackjack conditions. The results showed an expected value of just $1/hr with a bankroll needed for less than 1% risk of $40,000. On the other hand, live casino blackjack offers an expected value of $19/hr with a bankroll needed for less than 1% risk of $17,000. Obviously, playing blackjack online is not profitable, as the expected value is extremely low when compared to playing at a real casino. At a live casino, a card counter could make at least $100/hr with just 25% of the bankroll needed to try to beat an online casino and much higher with better rules. My career win rate is $428/hr at real casinos and I am not alone; there are hundreds of Members at Blackjack Apprenticeship making side income or full-time income as card counters. But, a person needs to master the skills, and get off their couch and into the casinos to take their money.