Mike Takes On the CSM in Card Counting Battle

Mike was a notable member of the blackjack team, known for his commanding presence and larger-than-life personality. He had to prove himself to join the team, and after rigorous training, he finally made the cut. Eager to put his skills to the test, Mike planned a four-day trip to Las Vegas with fellow team member Ford.

At the Wynn Casino, Mike and Ford adopted an aggressive betting strategy and played until they were no longer allowed to. Sitting down at a 6-deck game, Mike quickly amassed winnings as the count rose. However, Ford soon realized they were playing at a Continuous Shuffle Machine (CSM) table, making card counting impossible. To Mike’s surprise, he had unknowingly won $20,000 at the CSM table, despite his mistake.

This incident served as a lesson in the importance of proper training for aspiring blackjack players. The article emphasized the need for foundational knowledge in basic strategy, counting, true count conversion, and deviations before attempting to win big at a casino. Drawing an analogy to flying a plane, the article highlighted the necessity of rigorous training and preparation.

It also recommended resources for learning, such as a comprehensive video course, active participation on the team’s forum, and attendance at a Bootcamp for in-depth training. The article stressed the significance of investing in one’s craft and learning from experienced professionals to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the game.

As a parting note, readers were encouraged to continue building their expertise and understanding of card counting, emphasizing the concept of generating expected value (EV) in their endeavors.

This is valuable guidance for anyone looking to succeed in blackjack and emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation and training before venturing into the world of casino gambling.