Member Shares Experience of Being Backed Off by Legendary Max Rubin

I recently received an amazing story from a card counter friend, “HitA7,” about an experience he had at Barona Casino in California. After playing there for six months, he was politely asked to leave the casino due to his exceptional card counting skills. Despite being backed off, he was treated with professionalism and even received a complimentary meal. To his surprise, he also had the opportunity to meet legendary advantage player Max Rubin.

He had been playing at Barona for quite some time and had been getting some heat for his skills. Still, he didn’t think anything too aggressive had happened until this week. While playing in the high limit room and on a winning streak, a young man in a suit approached him and politely informed him that he was too good for them, leading to his restriction from all table games at the casino.

After being backed off, the man in the suit offered to buy him a meal and then introduced him to Max Rubin. They had a conversation about their experiences with advantage play and the specific tactics used by casinos to spot advantage players. Max also shared insider knowledge about other advantage players who were exploiting different table games, not just blackjack.

Although being backed off from the casino was an unexpected turn of events, the encounter with Max and the unexpected meal provided some consolation for “HitA7.” He reflected on his experience and was grateful for the unique encounter and the opportunity to meet Max Rubin in person. And he believed that this would become the best back off he will ever experience, making it a memorable event in his advantage play journey.

This bizarre encounter adds an interesting twist to typical advantage player stories, and the details shared by “HitA7” provide an insider’s perspective into the tactics used by casinos to identify and restrict advantage players.