Meet ‘The Phoenix’: A BJA Member and Skilled Card Counter

The Phoenix, a member of the Blackjack Apprenticeship (BJA), shared his experience as a card counter in a recent interview. He revealed that his journey into card counting started with the martingale system, which led him to lose money but also sparked his interest in gambling. He has been counting cards for approximately three years and had to practice on his computer for three months before feeling confident in his skills.

When asked about the biggest challenges he faced, The Phoenix mentioned not making as much money as he would like and the need to be patient. He advised others not to count for more than 10 hours in a session and to be selective in finding the best games to play. Despite the challenges, he emphasized that the ability to make money through card counting is a rewarding skill.

The Phoenix also shared some of his notable wins, including a single-day team win of $23,000 and his personal best of $2,800 in a day. However, he admitted that winning money sometimes gives him a false sense of confidence, which he needs to be mindful of. He also recalled a memorable moment when he was handcuffed for 30 minutes outside a tribal casino.

In addition to his blackjack journey, The Phoenix mentioned using his advantaged play skills to negotiate for higher pay in his motion graphics work. His interview was described as cryptic and brief, but the insights into his experiences as a card counter provided valuable lessons for those interested in the subject.

If readers are eager to hear more about The Phoenix’s story, they are encouraged to check out a podcast interview where he goes into further detail about his card counting experiences.