Meet “SmurfAP”: A BJA Member and Expert Card Counter

“SmurfAP Reveals Secrets of Blackjack Pact”

Our recent interview with SmurfAP, a successful card counter who has earned impressive winnings, was filled with eye-opening stories and advice for aspiring gamblers. He and his friend, both barbers, got into the card counting game as part of a long-term investment strategy.

Having become fascinated by the intricate art of card counting after seeing the movie “21,” SmurfAP’s first step was learning the basics and practicing countless hours with his friend. Despite early losses, he committed to fully mastering the skill before dipping back into casinos.

His dedication paid off when he decided to invest in a Blackjack Apprenticeship membership, various tools, and attending a Bootcamp. His friend was initially skeptical but was soon convinced by the tremendous success the duo experienced.

“Within a year of turning professional, SmurfAP has taken casinos by storm, raking in more than a 1000% return on his investment”.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey, SmurfAP shared personal triumphs and struggles. He emphasized the importance of flawless strategy, trusted to CVCX, and repeatedly stressed the need to trust the math behind gambling.

SmurfAP also highlighted fluctuating sleeping patterns and altering work schedules as some of the difficulties he faced during this period. He advised newcomers not to expect instant success but instead to stay committed and remain patient as victories unfold over time.

Recalling fond moments from his career, SmurfAP described his favorite aspect of the art of card counting – the ability to view money as a tool, a means to an end, and how it has reshaped his outlook on the value of things. He also shared stories of significant wins and losses, highlighting the risk and adrenaline of it all.

A memorable story he shared was about an exhilarating session in a casino, where he recounted playing against the backdrop of an intense card counting moment while having the pit boss and dealer watching his every move, culminating in a grand escape with handfuls of chips in his pockets.

SmurfAP ended the interview by discussing his future plans and shared thoughts on his non-blackjack-related advantage play, reflecting on his past experiences and how life has changed for him.

SmurfAP’s journey has been filled with both trials and triumphs but his ability to stay committed to his chosen path and the lessons he learned along the way are sure to inspire others who seek success in the art of card counting.