Meet kibbs299, the Card Counting Expert

Greetings BJA community,

I am excited to introduce myself as a recent graduate of the November 2017 bootcamp. I had the opportunity to attend the 10-year anniversary party earlier this month, and I had a wonderful time at both events. As someone who has been a forum “listener” for a while, I now feel it is time for me to give back to the community. I am a full-time player located in the Chicagoland area, and I have made several trips to casinos around the Midwest. I am more than willing to assist AP’s of all levels in the area with training, networking, and providing advice or sharing experiences for those visiting the area. Networking has been a challenge for me due to my natural shyness, so I believe this will be a significant step forward for me as well.

When I attended college, I stumbled upon MIT’s and Tommy Hyland’s “Breaking Vegas” episodes, which fascinated me and sparked my interest in card counting. This led to extensive research on the subject, including practicing and reading multiple books, which eventually led me to the BJA training kit and the iOS app. After around 18 months of counting cards, I developed trust in my skills after four months of rigorous training. I encountered several challenges, including venturing into the AP life alone, overcoming bad variance, and facing backoffs. However, these obstacles have made me a stronger player. I now aim to seek perfection, especially after realizing that I should have started using CVCX earlier in my career.

As I continue to progress in my card counting journey, my goal is to build a support network, attend a bootcamp, and strive for perfection in all aspects of my game. Participating in bootcamp and attending the dealing sessions were some of the highlights of my career. Having a legal edge over the house in blackjack has been my favorite aspect of being a card counter, and I have experienced both significant wins and losses during my time at the tables. Despite the challenges, I have persevered and continued to improve my skills.

One memorable experience I am willing to share is a backoff that I experienced not too long ago. Playing heads up on a double deck game, I was approached by the shift supervisor who proceeded to give me the “no more blackjack” spiel. However, I calmly acquiesced and understood the situation, as it is a common occurrence for card counters.

I look forward to being an active member of the BJA community and contributing my experiences to help others on their card counting journey.