Meet ‘HitA7’: The Card Counting Expert and BJA Member

In this version of the “Profile of a Card Counter”, we had the opportunity to interview “HitA7” about his experiences training, his successes and failures, as well as the challenges he has faced pursuing card counting. His response to our questions offers key insights into the world of card counting, particularly for those who may be interested in starting or are just learning the ropes.

As we delved into the interview, “HitA7” shared that he got into card counting after watching the movie “21”. He has been counting cards for 2.5 years now after practicing for two months. Despite initially struggling, he eventually gained confidence in his skills, validating his counting accuracy through practice and dealing with others and himself.

He encountered several challenges on his journey, particularly regarding gaining his wife’s support and turning card counting into worthwhile side income. When asked for advice, he emphasized the importance of spousal support and patience, cautioning that card counting is not a quick fix. While successes such as earning side income were highlights in his career, “HitA7” enjoyed the freedom it afforded him and the ability to “stick it to the man”.

When sharing the most he ever won and lost in a day, he admitted that losing $5K felt like an “elephant kicking” him, but winning $4500 was exhilarating. He also shared a memorable story where he capitalized on a dealer error and won, which added a humorous twist to his card counting escapade.

Interestingly, “HitA7” noted that his most memorable advantaged play outside of casinos and blackjack involved a fast food chain where he was able to redeem multiple free meals due to a glitch in their system.

Wrapping up the interview, “HitA7” highlighted his unconventional approach to card counting and his disregard for a set schedule, ultimately summing it up with a sense of fulfillment in “sticking it to the man”. This comprehensive interview provides valuable insight into the world of card counting and the experiences of a seasoned counter.