Meet Bubba: A Member of the BJA Countering Team

We were recently given the opportunity to interview a member of the BJA, known as “Bubba,” about his experiences with blackjack and card counting. Here are the questions we asked, along with his detailed responses.

1. How did you get into card counting?
As a documentary about the concept of card counting popped up on TV, I initially believed it was too good to be true. However, after finding the guys from the documentary on a search engine, I bought a subscription, and my interest in card counting began.

2. How long have you been counting cards?
I started going to the casino as an AP (Advantage Player) about 4 months ago, even though I didn’t know many card-counting strategies at that point. However, I quickly improved after using training drills and devoting more time to practicing.

3. How long did it take you to trust your skills? How do you know you’re any good?
It took me around 3 and a half months to gain confidence in my card-counting abilities. I regularly test myself using different drills and examinations to ensure my skills are improving.

4. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced/had to overcome?
Learning deviations and deck estimation were particularly challenging for me, but the training drills offered by the BJA (Blackjack Apprenticeship) site helped me develop and enhance these skills over time.

5. Any advice you would give to others? Anything you wish you would have known?
One key piece of advice I would give to others is to be prepared for negative variance, as it is a common occurrence in card counting. Seeking help from the community by asking questions and sharing experiences is also important.

6. Any highlights of your career so far?
The highlight of my career was when I underwent a test by a professional, which involved numerous challenging scenarios. Completing the test successfully gave me an immense sense of confidence.

7. What’s the most you’ve ever won/lost in a day? How did that feel? How did you respond?
I once won 132 units in a day, which was exhilarating, but on a separate occasion, I lost 240 units within just one hour. This was a reminder of how unpredictable card counting can be and the importance of staying prepared for both wins and losses.

8. Any memorable story(stories) you’re willing to share?
My favorite memories have involved splitting 10’s during my blackjack games, which often surprised and amazed other players at the table. The action of splitting 10’s paid off every time, and it remains a memorable experience for me.

9. What’s your favorite advantaged play have you done in your life that didn’t involve blackjack or casinos?
Recounting a humorous tale from my childhood, I recalled how I cleverly wrote book reports on a single book and managed to deceive my teacher into believing they were distinct projects, earning high grades with each submission.

In closing, Bubba encouraged fellow card counters to continue improving their skills and embracing opportunities to “keep generating EV.” He shared some valuable insights into his card-counting journey and personal experiences within the industry.