Meet BJA Member ‘Skywayman’: A Counter with a Unique Profile

Our interview with BJA member Skywayman provided valuable insight into the world of blackjack and card counting. Skywayman shared his experiences, challenges, advice, and career highlights with us in a candid and informative manner.

Skywayman explained that he got into card counting after watching the movie Holy Rollers on Netflix, which led him to join the BJA community. When asked about the duration of his card counting journey, he mentioned that he had been counting cards for a little over a year.

Describing the process of building trust in his skills, Skywayman shared that it took about a month and a half of training for him to have confidence in his abilities. He emphasized the importance of being able to multitask while dealing multiple hands and using tools like CVBJ for practice.

One of the biggest challenges Skywayman faced was not allowing other players (referred to as ploppies) to detract from his Expected Value (EV). He highlighted the difficulty of back counting, wonging in or out, and facing criticism from fellow players. Skywayman advised aspiring card counters to keep learning and improving their skills, warning against complacency and the illusion of playing a winning game.

Regarding career highlights, he mentioned the opportunity to meet interesting people through the BJA community. When asked about his biggest wins and losses, Skywayman recalled a significant win of $1500 in a 2-hour span, emphasizing the need to stay humble and focused to sustain a successful advantage blackjack career.

In his memorable story, Skywayman shared an incident where a friend bet $100 at the table, highlighting the importance of informed gaming decisions. When asked about his favorite advantaged play outside of blackjack and casinos, he mentioned receiving a full scholarship to play baseball, which he humorously considered an advantage play in life.

Overall, Skywayman’s insights offered valuable advice and perspective for individuals interested in pursuing card counting as a profitable venture, shedding light on the challenges and rewards of the practice.