Mastering Job Skills 101: Split Double Destroy (Card Counting)

The world of gambling brought about a complete paradigm shift in the way I viewed work. Having worked various jobs including being an editor, reporter, chart filer, information enterer, warehouse broom pusher, and newspaper delivery boy, it wasn’t until I delved into the world of blackjack that I truly grasped the essence of work. My blackjack team held a higher standard of excellence, pushing us towards perfect play and maximizing expected value.

What I learned from this experience is the invaluable need for a support network to help maintain high standards and motivate individuals to strive for perfection. This support network could be in the form of friends, colleagues, or an online community to provide the necessary encouragement and to pinpoint areas for improvement that one might overlook on their own.

The nature of my work involved intensive 2-4 day trips, where a weekend represented two weeks of normal work and pay. To achieve my financial goals, I had to maintain unrelenting focus and avoid getting complacent, especially when surrounded by the luxury of the resort properties. This experience taught me the importance of setting personal goals, working efficiently, and taking ownership of my own objectives, as opposed to relying on a boss to set them for me.

Furthermore, blackjack emphasized the significance of teamwork and gave me a community to support my growth as a player. This communal support allowed me to strive towards becoming the best player I could be, reinforcing the principle that success is often more achievable with the backing of others.

Reflecting on my previous jobs, I realized that I had preferred isolation and disorder, often procrastinating rather than taking charge. By contrast, the world of blackjack highlighted the virtues of teamwork, personal accountability, and the impact of a supportive community.

In conclusion, the striking contrast between my past jobs and the world of gambling has helped me recognize the value of a strong support network, setting personal goals, and taking ownership of one’s success. These lessons have not only elevated my performance in blackjack but have also enhanced my approach to work in general.

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