Journey to Earning Your First $100,000

I have great admiration and appreciation for the card counting heroes of the past. Stories about people like John Chang, Ian Andersen, and Tommy Hyland connect me to something bigger than myself and inspire me. However, it’s important to acknowledge that the landscape of card counting has changed significantly. The rules of games have evolved, casinos are more vigilant, and surveillance technology has advanced, making it more challenging to outsmart the house.

That’s why I find the most inspiring stories come from those who are currently beating the odds and winning big in casinos. Recently, I received an email from a BJA member, who gave me permission to share their incredible success story. This member started playing in February with around $10,000 and has achieved a remarkable 1,000% return on their investment in just 8 months. Their dedication and hard work have paid off, and it’s truly a cause for celebration.

This achievement is a testament to the fact that card counting still has the potential to be incredibly lucrative in today’s casino environment. For those who doubt the effectiveness of card counting in contemporary times, this success story serves as a powerful counterpoint. It demonstrates that there are still individuals out there creating remarkable card counting narratives, inspiring and paving the way for the next generation of card counters.

I am elated to see the impact this member’s success will have on those who are considering embarking on their own card counting journey. It’s a reminder that with determination, skill, and strategic play, success is still very much attainable. So, here’s a toast to all those who continue to cultivate inspiration for the future of card counting.

Keep generating EV,

P.S. It’s important to note that when the member mentions “team,” they are referring to the fact that they and another individual have been playing off a shared bankroll. This is not the same as the “team play” strategy employed by the MIT Team in the movie “21.”