Is Card Counting Coming to an End?

Tommy, a self-proclaimed humble guy, wants to make it clear that he doesn’t consider himself a big shot with insider money-making secrets. Instead, he believes there are beatable casinos out there and not much has changed over the years.

Reflecting on his experience, Tommy recalls asking the same question about investing in card counting back in 2003. Despite skepticism from others, he notes that card counting has persisted since the 1960s, and even the movie “21” did not bring about any significant changes.

Acknowledging that casinos have made changes, Tommy mentions that in the past, they used to deal one deck with favorable rules, but there were only a few casinos in the country. However, he emphasizes that now there are hundreds of casinos across the country and internationally, offering beatable blackjack games, altering the approach to card counting.

Despite casinos investing in stopping advantage players, Tommy states that he knows more independent card counters making over $100,000 a year now than he did 10 years ago. He believes that card counting is just as viable as it was a decade ago.

Addressing concerns about casinos blacklisting high roller card counters, Tommy acknowledges that some casinos do, but not all of them are that vigilant. He shares personal success stories, including his own and a friend’s, as evidence that it is possible to make substantial profits despite being put in casino databases.

Dispelling the notion of card counting as easy money, Tommy describes it as a craft that demands perfection but does not require genius-level intellect. He urges readers to determine themselves if card counting is a good fit for them and advises against using the excuse that there’s no money left to be made in card counting.

In conclusion, Tommy signs off, encouraging readers to keep generating EV and signing off with his name, Colin.