Insights from Bootcamp Survey: Participants Share Their Feedback

Want to increase your odds of beating the casino at blackjack? An immersive, hands-on Blackjack Bootcamp might be exactly what you need, but is it worth it?

The Bootcamp includes two types of training sessions. The first involves lectures and discussions to give you the best chance of generating the highest levels of EV, avoiding detection, prolonged trips, and managing betting and risk. There are also Q&A sessions. The second involves dealing sessions where professionals evaluate your game and provide you with a clear way to correct those mistakes.

Past guest speakers in the Bootcamp have included successful card counters such as Loudon Ofton, Joe748, JCnote, Spartan, Tommy Hyland, T. Dane, Ultimate, and Russ Fox. These experts provide insight into how to beat casinos for large profits and can share from their experience in card counting or AP surveillance.

Feedback from past Bootcamp attendees is generally positive. They describe the Bootcamp as professional, entertaining, and informative, providing valuable nuggets of wisdom. A common theme in the feedback is the realization that they didn’t know as much as they thought about card counting. The attendees generally found the Bootcamp to be worth the trip and the price, but they also emphasize that the course is only a guide, and that real success in card counting comes from putting in the hours of studying and training.

Overall, it seems that the Blackjack Bootcamp provides a well-organized and structured environment for individuals looking to enhance their skills and succeed in card counting. The combination of lectures, discussions, and dealing sessions, along with guest speakers and opportunities for feedback, seems to offer a comprehensive and valuable training experience.