Get to Know iambowman: An Exclusive Interview with BJA Member

Every month, our forum likes to feature a different card counter, giving everyone the chance to learn, share experiences, and be inspired by each other’s stories. In a recent interview, we had the privilege of speaking to “iambowman” about his experience as a card counter. He shared his journey into card counting, his biggest challenges, and advice for those pursuing a career in blackjack.

iambowman began training in April 2012, waiting 8 months to perfect his skills and save a bankroll before venturing into casino play, giving him a year and a half of experience. He discussed the constant need for practice and improvement, noting that reaching 100% confidence in his skills was unattainable. He emphasized the importance of self-control over bankroll and good personal finance management as crucial skills for any aspiring card counter.

The most significant challenge for iambowman came not from the casino, but from his other business ventures. A tax-related mistake, coupled with expenses from his son’s birth, wiped out his bankroll and personal savings. To continue playing with a reduced bankroll, he funneled money from his day job and side business to sustain his card counting efforts.

His advice to others considering card counting as a career is to set realistic expectations and treat blackjack as a business rather than a get-rich-quick scheme. He also stressed the importance of being resourceful outside of the casino, noting that there are numerous opportunities to earn money or receive benefits through alternative means.

Despite not winning massive amounts, iambowman celebrated milestones such as breaking even after depleting his bankroll. He also shared a humorous encounter with a high roller at the casino, who paid him to play a certain way, thinking he was guiding an inexperienced player.

Reflecting on his favorite aspect of being a card counter, iambowman highlighted the potential financial independence it offers. Despite the challenges, he has seen progress and anticipates a future with fewer risks and greater knowledge.

When asked about his biggest win or loss in a day, iambowman reminded readers that he still plays at red/green chip level. His experiences are relatable to many amateur card counters, making his journey both realistic and inspiring.

Overall, iambowman’s profile offers valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of being a card counter, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, resourcefulness, and sound financial management. His story serves as a testament to the dedication required to succeed in the world of card counting.