Exclusive Interview with Pro Card Counters “Spartan” and “levimich” | BJA028

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with two professional card counters, known as Spartan and levimich, who are members of the BJA community. They were able to showcase their skills at a Bootcamp and have since formed a strong friendship, even assisting with the training of others at Blackjack Bootcamps.

During our podcast conversation, we delved into a variety of topics, including their journey from watching a movie about card counting to ultimately becoming full-time card counters themselves. We also discussed their choice to combine their bankrolls and work as a team, as well as their incredible 8,000-mile blackjack road trip. Additionally, we touched on the importance of networking in their line of work.

For those interested in hearing more about their experiences and insights, I encourage you to listen to the full podcast below to gain valuable knowledge that they are eager to share with the BJA community.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Spartan and levimich imparted some words of wisdom, reminding listeners to keep generating EV (expected value) and to stay tuned for more engaging content in the future.

We hope that their story and expertise will inspire others in the blackjack world and provide a deeper understanding of the strategies and techniques involved in professional card counting.