Exclusive Interview with BJA Member ‘Vexbasque’

I crossed the transparent line of being steamed at the handling of it all. I could hear the joys of burrowing counters coming from that pit. In the end, I just went to a different pit. I’ve reflected on this moment, and if my T C was high or I still needed to play 35 minutes I would have probably needled and wronged the FP for this turn of events, but in that blip of my career I realized I wanted to earn all the money back I lost at that place until I could no longer play and just left. Managers were shuffled and pits were cut, no sign of the FP again. Also, yes, I have to say that I still to this day get thrown for a loop when I see a Floor Person who should have better knowledge than that ham pit detail. I realize that they are people and staff, and shouldn’t just acknowledge the true protagonist behind that all, but in a way I think that is a story that shows that all people really don’t get it or see how players don’t effect their profit margin all that much, and I’m proud to say that I’m sure the honesty and integrity of my play made a difference non-directly in people’s perception of AP play.