Exclusive Interview with BJA Member “Moses14”

The “Profile of a Card Counter” this month showcases a man referred to as “Moses” who has taken up the skill of card counting. Moses shares that he initially heard about card counting 25 years ago but began seriously learning the skill a year ago when a casino opened near his locality. Finding an opportunity to practice, he began learning the KO system before transitioning to the Hi-Lo system. Moses divulges that the November 2013 BJA Bootcamp significantly contributed to his commitment to card counting and is now eager to build a bankroll to become a professional card counter.

Moses identifies distractions and the tendency to play too fast as some of the challenges he has met card counting. He underscores the importance of trusting the numbers and advises others to learn basic strategy, deviations from it, and to play the system. Moses has been able to sustain his interest and build a bankroll by using CVCX, a blackjack simulation software, for bankroll management and playing perfectly according to expert instruction.

For Moses, the highlight of his card counting career is when he knows he played perfectly. He mentions that card counting demands a lot of concentration. Moses shares that the little bankroll he began with has fortunately never run dry. He particularly enjoys provoking reaction from fellow players when exercising his learned deviations at the table.

Moses acknowledges that his biggest loss, which occurred a few nights before attending a Bootcamp in Vegas, was discouraging because of his small bankroll. However, the experience became instrumental to his learning and improvement. Technically, Moses has been card counting since last spring but began serious training during the previous November. He states that tracking each session has provided him with a clear picture of his areas of strength and weakness. His bankroll has grown immensely, and Moses is now able to make a profit using the Hi-Lo method.

Colin Jones, the interviewer, refers to Moses as someone who didn’t start with a large bankroll but has put in effort to master the art of card counting. He describes Moses’ growth as “awesome” and encourages others to continue the “great conversations on the forum.”