Discover the Reality of Card Counting

As I reflect on my first 1,000 hours of card counting, I want to share my personal insight and advice with others looking to pursue this lifestyle. Making a living from blackjack requires a lot of travel. It is inevitable if this is your main source of income. Many people wonder if it gets lonely, but in my experience, there is not much time to feel lonely while on a blackjack trip. Between driving from casino to casino, playing, and sleeping, there’s not much downtime to dwell on being alone if you’re a lone wolf like me.

Playing blackjack allows for a lot of freedom. You can take breaks whenever you want. What other freelance work allows you to point at a map, fly there, and start working without having to spend time acquiring clients or advertising? There are no unnecessary constraints tying you down, allowing for a more spontaneous lifestyle.

When it comes to playing the game, my advice is to be aggressive and play for as long as possible until you are told to leave. There have been times when I experienced heat from the casino but continued playing, leading to additional hours of playing time. I’ve found that persisting through the heat can result in more playtime and winnings. It’s important to remain confident but not overconfident. It’s easy to question your game during a losing streak, but it’s crucial to remain focused and self-assured.

If you want to make a living from card counting as a solo player, you have to commit to playing full time. It takes many hours to overcome the variance, and playing occasionally still constitutes gambling. It’s a lifestyle that demands dedication and resilience.

However, the emotional roller coaster of card counting is not easy. The emotions experienced in the casino with your money can be overwhelming. A losing streak can be discouraging and cloud your thoughts, while a winning streak can lead to a false sense of security. Card counting is a constant cycle of ups and downs, and it takes a toll on your emotions. It’s important to stay balanced and not attach your self-worth to the fluctuation of your bankroll.

Despite the challenges, I still find joy and reward in playing blackjack. Not only does it provide financial freedom, but it also offers moments of fun and laughter with other players. I remain passionate and motivated about playing blackjack, as it continues to provide me with a sense of freedom and fulfillment.