BJA Member “Peacock” Balances High Profile Corporate Career and AP Success

The latest Podcast features an interview with a long-time member of the Blackjack Apprenticeship (BJA) community, known as “Peacock.” Despite being a President of a large company, Peacock has managed to balance his executive career with his passion for card counting and frequent attendance at BJA Bootcamps.

What sets Peacock apart is his ability to juggle the demands of running a company with his desire to beat the casinos as an Advantage Player (AP). In the podcast, he delves into what drove him, as an executive, to pursue card counting, as well as the rigorous training and test-out process he underwent to sharpen his skills.

A particularly intriguing aspect of the interview was learning about how the board of his company views his card counting “hobby.” Peacock also sheds light on what continues to motivate him as an AP, and shares his insights on what he would do differently if given the chance to start over.

This interview provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of a high-level executive who also happens to be an accomplished card counter. It dispels the notion that card counting is reserved solely for those with ample free time, and showcases the dedication and drive of individuals like Peacock who are able to thrive in both their professional and AP pursuits.

Listeners are encouraged to tune in and then share their suggestions for future podcast topics. The interview with Peacock is not only an eye-opening conversation but also an inspiration for those who aspire to achieve success in multiple domains, whether it be in their careers or as skilled Advantage Players.