300 Hours of Card Counting: One Man’s Epic US Adventure

A Blackjack player from Europe has revealed that he took an extended vacation to the United States to play the game for three months, and had a remarkable experience. The player, known as “Ultimate,” started off in Las Vegas, attending Colin’s bootcamp and then hitting the casinos. His first week was marked with mixed feelings as he encountered numerous fluctuations in his results.

Despite experiencing initial success in Las Vegas, “Ultimate” headed to Yellowstone where he continued his card counting adventure. His journey then took him to Seattle where he logged 64 hours of play with varying outcomes, and even encountered some transportation challenges in the early morning hours after losing at the casino.

“Ultimate” continued southward, experiencing favorable and unfavorable circumstances along the way. He won big in some instances but also faced significant losses during other sessions. Notably, he encountered a phase of incredible positive variance, where everything seemed to go his way. However, this was followed by a series of losses, leading to a net loss of more than 700 units in a row.

Despite the ups and downs, a small casino visit marked a turning point for the player where he achieved significant winnings. However, the winning streak was once again followed by another string of losing sessions, resulting in a net loss of almost 600 units. The journey culminated with “Ultimate” returning to Las Vegas for some final sessions, eventually finishing with a mid 5-figure profit. The player expressed satisfaction with the overall outcome of the trip, noting that it was a memorable and rewarding experience.